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NYSPHSAA Section V Class B Wrestling Quarter-Finals (Allegany-Steuben)

Wrestling Tournament
@ Wellsville High School (Wellsville, New York)
Tuesday, March 25, 1952

Win Monahan Wins 127 Pound Wrestling Title
Win Monahan Wins 127 Pound Wrestling Title
Wellsville's wrestlers took the honors in the wrestling meet Tuesday night in the WCS gym, taking five of the twelve matches. Canisteo was a close second with four wins and Bolivar, Alfred-Almond and Savona each won one match. SOURCE: Bolivar Breeze, Thursday, March 27, 1952.

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Win Monahan Wins 127 Pound Wrestling Title Bi-County Mat Meet Is Tonight At Wellsville Seven Allegany Matmen Gain Bi-County Titles

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alfred-Almond [NY], Avoca [NY], Bolivar [NY], Canisteo [NY], Rushford [NY], Savona [NY], Wellsville [NY]
Team Final
1. Wellsville [NY]  5 points
2. Canisteo [NY]  4
3. Alfred-Almond [NY]  1
Bolivar [NY]  1
Savona [NY]  1
6. Avoca [NY]  0
Rushford [NY]  0
Championship Final (1st)
95 lbs: Duane Pierce (Canisteo [NY]) > William Commons (Bolivar [NY]), DEC score?
103 lbs: David Graves (Wellsville [NY]) > James Welch (Canisteo [NY]), DEC score?
112 lbs: Blaine Austin (Wellsville [NY]), FFT 
120 lbs: Winston Monahan (Bolivar [NY]) > Dale Ferguson (Savona [NY]), FALL 3:45
127 lbs: William French (Canisteo [NY]) > Richard Fry (Rushford [NY]), FALL 0:25
133 lbs: John Dean (Wellsville [NY]) > Joseph Jameson (Canisteo [NY]), DEC score?
138 lbs: George Russell (Canisteo [NY]), FFT 
145 lbs: Avelyn Wolfe (Wellsville [NY]) > Elwin Simons (Canisteo [NY]), DEC score?
154 lbs: Charles Stevens (Alfred-Almond [NY]) > Jack Denhoff (Canisteo [NY]), FALL 1:37
165 lbs: Dave Munro (Wellsville [NY]) > Joseph Wallokie (Savona [NY]), DEC score?
175 lbs: Paul Ferrier (Canisteo [NY]) > Eugene Kuhn (Bolivar [NY]), DEC score?
UNL: Richard MacDougal (Avoca [NY]) > John Ordiway (Wellsville [NY]), DEC score?

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