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8th Annual SUNYAC Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ SUNY Cortland (Cortland, New York)
Saturday, February 24, 1968

Keeps Title
Keeps Title
Bill DeSario successfully defended his State U Conference wrestling tournament title Saturday night by decisioning Oswego's Brian McGann in the finals of the 123-pound class by a score of 11-4. However, Oswego won the tram title with 84 points, Cortland coming in fourth with 65. SOURCE: The Cortland Standard, February 26, 1968.

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Buffalo State College [NY], SUNY Brockport [NY], SUNY Cortland [NY], SUNY New Paltz [NY], SUNY Oneonta [NY], SUNY Oswego [NY], SUNY Plattsburgh [NY], SUNY Potsdam [NY]
Team Final
1. SUNY Oswego [NY]  84 points
2. SUNY Brockport [NY]  74
3. SUNY Oneonta [NY]  73
4. SUNY Cortland [NY]  65
5. SUNY Potsdam [NY]  25
6. SUNY New Paltz [NY]  23
7. Buffalo State College [NY]  10
8. SUNY Plattsburgh [NY]  9
Championship Final (1st)
115 lbs: Nick Nanos (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Bob DeMarsh (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC 4-1
123 lbs: Bill DeSario (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Brian McGann (SUNY Oswego [NY]), DEC 11-4
130 lbs: Ken Furnkranz (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Bill Schempp (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FALL 7:30
137 lbs: John Walter (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Doug Clark (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FALL 5:48
145 lbs: Lloyd Jerauld (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Dave Sherman (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC 4-1
152 lbs: John Mulada (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Bob Funk (SUNY Potsdam [NY]), DEC 7-6
160 lbs: Tom Buntich (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Don DeLuca (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), DEC 7-2
167 lbs: Bruce Turner (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Bryan Lambe (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), OTD 9-8 (1OT)
177 lbs: Gary Lehr (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Bill Brodmerkel (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC 6-0
191 lbs: Dave Van Gordon (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Charles Bolesh (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC 9-2
HWT: Regan Beers (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Kevin Covas (SUNY New Paltz [NY]), FALL 2:50
Consolation Final (3rd)
115 lbs: Dick Stiles (SUNY Potsdam [NY]) > Dean Short (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC score?
123 lbs: Frank Hackett (SUNY Plattsburgh [NY]) > Jim Cone (Buffalo State College [NY]), DEC score?
130 lbs: Jim Nanos (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Lonnie Knowles (Buffalo State College [NY]), DEC score?
137 lbs: Larry Berman (SUNY New Paltz [NY]) > Al Audas (SUNY Plattsburgh [NY]), DEC score?
145 lbs: Dan D'Amboise (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Tom Holmes (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC score?
152 lbs: Bob Anderson (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Joe Waitword (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC score?
160 lbs: Jim Clark (SUNY Potsdam [NY]) > Mike Tully (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC score?
167 lbs: Don Gubitosa (SUNY New Paltz [NY]) > Rick Smith (SUNY Oswego [NY]), DEC score?
177 lbs: Dan Narcisco (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Bill Pestell (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC score?
191 lbs: Joe Daniels (SUNY Potsdam [NY]) > George Miller (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), DEC score?
HWT: Jim Bovee (SUNY Oswego [NY]) > Mark Walter (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), DEC score?


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